Log yard management is critical to optimizing sawmill production. PRIBO supplies units for transporting and selecting logs, as well as measuring systems, cutting lines and automatic sorting systems.

PRIBO also supplies its own custom milling debarkers, VALON KONE tunnel debarkers and BRUKS butt-flare reducers, providing a complete range for primary log processing.

BRUKS butt-flare reducers, when necessary, make it possible to reduce the diameter of the trunk base, which is notoriously larger than the average diameter.

PRIBO milling debarkers differ from others on the market due to their flexibility, since they adapt to the needs of sawmills, with the ability to process a very wide range of log diameters and lengths. The type of debarker and the log handling lines are determined according to the needs of the sawmills and the type of wood. We can help customers choose the debarking system that best suits their needs: either with fixed cutter and mobile carriage or with mobile cutter and fixed carriage. Unloading can be longitudinal with roller conveyor, or transversal with ejection arms.

As far as tunnel debarkers are concerned, PRIBO has been selling the prestigious brand VALON KONE for years, also supplying the electrical parts and the loading and unloading systems for them.

The comprehensive log transport and sorting lines are designed to offer the best versatility possible in terms of speeding up work times and minimizing set-up times.

PRIBO also supplies and integrates log control and measurement systems such as measurement barriers, scanners and metal detectors into its automation lines in collaboration with leading companies in the sector. The logs sorted in this way are automatically sent to the corresponding boxes for subsequent collection and processing in the sawmill.

Even the recovery of waste material, such as the collection and unloading of bark, and subsequent transport to storage pits or grinding plants, is managed automatically and without additional manpower and costs. PRIBO’s electro-welded steel frames are sized to offer high resistance, even to the stresses of very heavy logs such as exotic woods or hardwoods, and a long service life, with minimal need for maintenance.