In contemporary sawmills, it is critical to maximize machine and material output while minimizing labour.

PRIBO designs its sawmill lines with this in mind, from the small family-run line to the large industrial plant. In particular, manual handling of semi-finished products must be minimized and PRIBO has developed a series of automated systems over the years to reduce costs and effort to a minimum.

In addition to the classic automation for sawmills, PRIBO has created a series of automatic loading and unloading systems for all sawmill machines such as edgers, multi-blades, trimming machines and automatic cut off saws.

Semi-finished products can be turned, tilted, combined, aligned and slowed down to avoid breakage, all without the need for additional personnel.
In recent years, PRIBO has also been specializing in automatic sorting lines and stacking tables, often integrated with electronic measuring and sorting systems.

PRIBO also designs collection and grinding systems for processing waste, which are a fundamental part of the production process. In this field PRIBO is the official dealer of the world-leading brand BRUKS which supplies us with vibrating channels, screens and chippers.